EVA (2011)

Title: EVA Release date: 7 September 2011 (Venice); 28 October 2011 (Spain) Director: Kike Maíllo Producer: Sergi Casamitjana, Francesc Olivares, Jérôme Rougier, Aintza Serra & Eric Tavitian. Writer: Sergi Belbel, Cristina Clemente, Martí Roca & Aintza Serra Starring: Daniel Brühl, Marta Etura, Lluís Homar & Alberto Ammann Production company: Escándalo Films S.L.; Ran Entertainment; & Saga-Productions. Science fiction is a medium that opens itself up to a meaningful dialogue... Continue Reading →

Weekend Shorts: True Skin

Title: True Skin Release date: 10 October, 2012 Director: Stephan Zlotescu Producer: Stephan Zlotescu Writer: Stephan Zlotescu Starring: Stephan Zlotescu Production company: N1ON Running time: 6 mins True Skin is a short film writer, directed and stared in by Stephan Zlotescu which depicts a world in which we've become colonised by technology. The plot has a tech-thriller edge to... Continue Reading →

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