I, Robot (2004)

Title: I, Robot Release date: July 15, 2004 Director: Alex Proyas Producer: Laurence Mark; John Davis; Topher Dow; Wyck Godfrey Writer: Jeff Vintar (based on Isaac Asimov's book of the same name) Starring: Will Smith; Bridget Moynahan; Bruce Greenwood; James Cromwell; Chi McBride; Alan Tudyk Production company: Davis Entertainment; Laurence Mark Productions; Overbrook Films Running... Continue Reading →

Ultraviolet (2006)

Title: Ultraviolet Release date: March 3, 2006 Director: Kurt Wimmer Producer: John Baldecchi; Lucas Foster; Tony Mark; Pauline Chan; John Giwa-Amu Writer: Kurt Wimmer Starring: Milla Jovovich Production company: Ultravi Productions Running time: 87 minutes In short, this film is a mess. It has the potential to be something interesting with the biotechnological spin on... Continue Reading →

The Machine (2013)

Title: The Machine Release date: April 20, 2013 Director: Caradog W. James Producer: John Giwa-Amu Writer: Caradog W. James Starring: Caity Lotz; Sam Hazeldine; Toby Stephens; Pooneh Hajimohammadi; Denis Lawson Production company: Red &┬áBlack Films Running time: 91 minutes The Machine is a relatively low budget film set in a near future where the UK... Continue Reading →

Getting started…

Over the next few months I'm going to be watching a heap of films and television series connected with transhumanist (and posthuman) themes and values with a particular focus on religious, spiritual and philosophical ideas and concepts present in them. Some of these texts will be driven by an overt transhumanist agenda, others as thought... Continue Reading →

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